Dog Bite Defense Attorney – An In Depth Guide in 2023

Dog Bite Defense Attorney

What Exactly Dog Bite Defense Tactics – All About Dog Bite Defense Attorney 

A barking dog or dog bite defense attorney, a lunging dog, a snapping dog, or an aggressive dog are all signs of trouble brewing. There are several ways in which it can manifest itself. You might be refused mail delivery until the problem is resolved. You may receive a citation and a fine from animal control. An attorney will notify you about injuries to others, and if you do not respond, a Sheriff will visit with a lawsuit summons.

One of the most serious problems involves a dog biting someone. If your dog bites someone, help them avoid becoming frustrated and take action by doing the right thing. Find out if your dog has bitten someone. You can prevent dog bites by training, socializing, and caring properly for your dog. See Why Dogs Bite for more information. So let your hair down, I’ve prepared a complete guide on dog bite defense attorney for every man and his dog;

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All About Dog Bite Defense Attorney in 2023

You and your dog can be charged with trespass or provocation after a bite incident. When the bite was justified by trespass or provocation, or if the punishment may not be appropriate, you must hire an attorney or learn to defend yourself. You will usually not receive coverage for criminal proceedings or “dog court” hearings through your homeowners’ or renters’ insurance; hiring a private attorney is typically out of the question due to its high cost. 

A thorough preparation is the key to getting justice, whether a “not guilty” verdict or a proportionate sentence. You can do this by reading Defending Your Dog – Win Your Case In Dog Court, a comprehensive manual that covers both the law and strategies for cases in criminal court and “dog court.”

Most dog owners are concerned about whether their dog will be taken from them or put down in a criminal or administrative dog bite case. Dog bites may result in various consequences, depending on the jurisdiction. 

And, the civil law compensates the victim (and sometimes punitive damages), while criminal law and administrative law also provide compensation. Administrative laws usually govern dog courts. When it comes to criminal and “dog court” cases, there are three major issues to consider:

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Key Features of Defense Attorney of Dog Bite

  • First, we need to determine which laws will apply to the case. It is common for states to have regulations and even statutes that deal with dangerous dogs. Aside from that, there are usually ordinances that are adopted by the county and the city. Hence, there is a need to obtain and review all three sets of laws at the same time.
  • On the other hand, there is also the issue of which particular animal control department or court will decide which laws to follow. In many cases, it comes down to policy regarding this. As some authorities are more concerned with protecting people from animals than with protecting animals from people, others are more focused on watching each other. No matter how vicious a dog is, specific departments are adamant that the animal must not be euthanized. As a result, you should know the policies of the applicable authority to act accordingly.
  • Last but not least, the issue of proof and tactics should be considered – specifically, whether it is possible for the “prosecutor” (whoever that may be) to produce enough evidence to satisfy the requirements of the applicable law relevant to putting the dog down. Trial lawyers (whether they are prosecuting or defending attorneys) are trained to present the evidence in a way so that their clients’ cases can be won by appropriately giving the evidence. 
  • Defendants are required to prove either an affirmative defense to the charge (e.g., “the victim provoked my dog”), a denial (i.e., “it never happened”), or a violation of their due process rights (e.g., “the citation was incorrectly filled out”). To prove each element of the law, one must first analyze carefully the elements of the law and then marshal the evidence needed to satisfy each piece, or, in the case of a defense case, to defeat each piece.

Defense Tactics

No matter if it is a criminal court or a “dog court,” the hearing typically proceeds in a methodical manner. Essentially, the prosecutor (which could be an animal control officer, a city attorney, or another official) has to prove that a particular dog meets the definition of “dangerous” or “vicious” in accordance with the law of the state, county, or city. 

Prosecutors can apply state, county, or city laws, depending on what they feel is appropriate. Hearing officers (different animal control officers, police officers who are hearing officers, or judges) must determine whether adequate evidence exists to rule that the dog meets that description. In criminal cases, proof is required beyond a reasonable doubt, but in other types of hearings, a lower standard is required. The defense uses many tactics to defeat the prosecutor’s task. Evidence can be challenged for insufficiency, opposed as hearsay, similarly objectionable, or contradicted.

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Under the same body of law, the hearing officer must order a “sentence” or “disposition” if your dog fits the description of a “dangerous” or “vicious” dog. Different dispositions can be issued, including fines, confinement orders, insurance requirements, or euthanasia of the dog. Those defending the dog should be prepared to argue for a favorable disposition before the hearing officer. Dog owners could pay a small fine or muzzle their dogs only when they are on public property.

Preparing for this hearing is essential by studying the law and reviewing all of the evidence carefully before the hearing date. The dog’s veterinarian, trainer, or any other person who can testify that this is a good dog ought to also be brought to the hearing in order to support the claim that the dog is a good dog.

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